The Joy of Fellowship


After all the activity of May, it will be something of a relief to have a quieter month at the church! Not that we didn’t thoroughly enjoy and appreciate all the activity of May! Quite apart from the honour, and blessing of having Bishop Nicholas, it was wonderful to see the pews filled with worshippers, and the choir stalls full of the collected voices of singers from different churches around the diocese (including our friends from Kirton, for which, many thanks!) Unfortunately, it takes such a special event to really fill our churches these days – especially they are as big as St Peter and St Paul – and that applies to both of our parishes.  Something else that was very memorable for me, was taking my place along with my fellow churchwardens from the benefice, as we walked, united, to lead the Bishop: it was a real feeling of Christian fellowship. 

Fellowship is key to the success of our Crafty Coffee & Cake Club too. New members are joining us every month, and staying because it is such lovely group and the activities are fun too. This month we shall be painting flower pots and glass jars to make attractive holders for the wonderful summer blooms that June brings. Next month – July – we shall be focusing on straw craft: learning how to make corn dollies and altar dressings, hoping to be expert in time for the Harvest festivals and celebrations in September. 

The Stained Glass club is thriving too. They are making some beautiful things. As ever, the doors are always open to new members, so if you want to give it a try, just wander along. 

Finally, we are now approaching the deadlines for having everything completed for our Heritage Lottery Fund application. Fingers crossed pleased…